Deeply in love

FINALLY I remembered to set up my Garmin and take it with me on a run!

(Okay, it was Chuck who set it up, but still.)

I thought I could share a screen shot with you of the report from the run I did last night, but apparently you need the little flashdrive even once the info is downloaded. So, you’re going to have to take my word for it.

I went out and did the usual route on the West Side Highway, cutting off early to go to the supermarket on 14th Street. Having the Garmin meant I knew the exact moment when I hit 4 miles. It also told me my pace. It was really interesting to track. I thought I was going to have negative splits (I always start out really slow, just to be safe), but then on the way back up the WSH the wind was insane and slowed me down a bit. Plus I had to stop at traffic lights on 14th Street. In the end, I did 4.01 miles in 42.02.

I came home and downloaded the information onto the flashdrive (just by standing near it! technology!), so now I have a record of the run, and I’ll be able to track everything there going forward – distance, pace, maps. It’s AMAZING! I am deeply in love.

Tonight I’m doing 3 quick miles on the treadmill. I’m sticking as closely as possible to the June training schedule. I’d like to get some speedwork in too, though. I’ll have to ask Coach B where that fits in!


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My first (official) word of advice

My first (official) word of advice to a new runner is this: don’t compare!

It’s a waste of time and energy to compare yourself to other runners. I know because I do it all the time.

You are the only you. You have your completely unique situation to consider. If you need to stop and rest, stop and rest. It doesn’t matter whether your teammate or the guy next to you feels like they can keep going. All that matters is how YOU feel. And if you need to stop, it’s not something to feel bad about. You should be proud that you are answering to your body’s needs.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself – of course you should! But you should push within your own limits, not someone else’s.

Tonight I’m doing 4 miles on the West Side Highway and I’m putting my blinders on. The only runner who matters out there is me.

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Squeeeeeeze it in

This weekend was a little nutty. I had to work Friday night and Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, plus my parents were in town for my first bridal shower, and we had a race Sunday morning (Chuck and I had a race, not my parents and I, in case that wasn’t incredibly obvious!).

The June training schedule had a 3 mile run on Saturday. I felt like I had every genuine excuse in the book to not do it, most especially that it would get in the way of spending time with my family. But I also felt like skipping a run in the first week of training would set the wrong tone for the whole project. My parents completely understood. It was just three miles, after all, and I could get it done at the gym really quickly on my way home from work. So I did, and I’m really glad. It took 31 minutes (I did most of it at 5.8 but then cranked up the speed to 6.5 for the last few minutes).

Sunday morning we got up bright and early for the Japan Run in Central Park, a 4 mile loop that covered most of the territory we usually do on our Thursday runs, but sort of in reverse – still counter-clockwise, but west side first, then east side. It was so hot and muggy! I was sweating before we even started. It was an okay race, but I never felt great. No groove. I wasn’t sure how I would do time-wise, but I ended up beating my all-time 4-miler record – by 3 seconds. But hey, it counts! My time was 38.01.

Superstar Chuck finished in under 30 minutes! He has magic sneakers.

With the 3 miles on Saturday and the 4 miles on Sunday my weekly total came in at 16.75. A little short of the 18 on the schedule, because I had that lousy run on Monday. But I really would have been off if I had skipped Saturday! So I’m very glad got those miles in.

After the race on Sunday, I went to work, then shopping with my mom, and then we all went to dinner. My parents left as soon as we got home, and I immediately fell asleep. At 7 pm. And I woke up at 7 am. Yup, that’s a solid 12 hours. I guess I really needed it!

I should be able to get in all the scheduled runs this week (4 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 5 Thursday, 4 Saturday, 7 Sunday). Now that I succeeded for the first week, I’m even more motivated for the second!

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I love a plan

It didn’t rain last night! I’m not happy about that. I hate cancelling runs for no reason.

But we move on. I did 4 miles on the treadmill in 42 minutes. I felt reasonably good. Just a little bored. I so wish the TVs at the gym had cable. Or at least a channel that played Friends all day.

So, I am now officially in training and following the schedule that I posted yesterday. I’m taking the beginner track, because I’m clearly not a newbie anymore, but I’m also definitely not “experienced”! That means my mileage for the next month should be:

  • This week: 18 miles
  • Next week: 21 miles
  • June 14-20: 24 miles
  • June 21-27: 26 miles

No sweat, right? Yeah. We’re going on vacation to beautiful California in two weeks and I have a feeling I’m going to prefer sitting in one of these chairs to going for a run. And we all know how well I did on vacation last year. But I’m going to try my best, because I do love a plan, and I really love when I stick to it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thunder Thursdays

Thursday is, of course, run club night. But for the last few weeks it has rained, and tonight is also not looking hopeful. Running through a tree-filled park in thunder and lightening is not a good idea, no matter how much we want to get out there.

The good news is that I’ve trained myself to accept that I will always go for a run on Thursdays, with the group or without. It’s a done deal. I’m very happy with that habit!

And there’s more good news today. Team Run to Remember is officially back! All runners were notified of their acceptance last Friday and received their June training schedules last night. “Official” group runs won’t start until after the kickoff meeting on June 23, but team members new and old are invited to join OUR Thursday runs at Central Park in the meantime. I really hope it doesn’t rain tonight and we get a huge group of new Team R2R runners!

Here’s the already scary June schedule: June[1] 

I should also take a moment to note that despite the name of this blog and my twitter account, I am not a coach of this team. I am the mentor director, which is to say, I will be working with returning runners to develop a mentoring program for new runners. It’s a matter of semantics, so I will not be changing the name of the blog or the twitter; I just want to make sure that the actual situation is perfectly clear.

Regardless. I’m EXCITED to get things going again and to meet the new team. After all, the Marathon is only 157 days away!

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Happy National Running Day!

True to my style, I probably will not be able to go for a run tonight. I really wish I could, but things gotta get done! And tonight is the night to do them. Plus, it’s Chuck’s first day at his new job and I need to dream up a special dinner to celebrate.

Last night I did 3.5 miles in 37.5 minutes on the treadmill and I felt pretty good. I have to remind myself when I’m running that the first mile always sucks, and that I will soon feel much better. Also, it helps to just think hard about wonderful things, like dinner and vacation. Dreaming definitely got me through it last night!

Is anyone doing the Japan Run on Sunday?

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Life’s a beach

OMG. I didn’t run for a WHOLE WEEK.

And I don’t care!

Last week I was sick, and then this weekend I decided to…enjoy the weekend. My best friend and my brother were here on Saturday, and then on Sunday we went to the Shore. I squeezed in a lackluster 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday, just to move a little. But I’m glad I took some time off. I needed it.

Now, back to reality. I was thinking of Shredding this morning, but I realized I’m totally bored with it. I either need to move to level 2 or find a new video. Ideally, I’d like to go to a real class at the real gym, but there isn’t any real time for that, so home it is. Instead of the Shred I did bicep curls, lat raises, something I don’t know the name of, and some kettlebell squats. Ate the usual breakfast.

Tonight I packed my stuff and am going straight to the gym, for what I hope will be a more inspired jaunt on the treadmill. Will report back tomorrow!

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