My first (official) word of advice

June 8, 2010 at 5:05 pm Leave a comment

My first (official) word of advice to a new runner is this: don’t compare!

It’s a waste of time and energy to compare yourself to other runners. I know because I do it all the time.

You are the only you. You have your completely unique situation to consider. If you need to stop and rest, stop and rest. It doesn’t matter whether your teammate or the guy next to you feels like they can keep going. All that matters is how YOU feel. And if you need to stop, it’s not something to feel bad about. You should be proud that you are answering to your body’s needs.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself – of course you should! But you should push within your own limits, not someone else’s.

Tonight I’m doing 4 miles on the West Side Highway and I’m putting my blinders on. The only runner who matters out there is me.


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