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June 7, 2010 at 4:04 pm Leave a comment

This weekend was a little nutty. I had to work Friday night and Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, plus my parents were in town for my first bridal shower, and we had a race Sunday morning (Chuck and I had a race, not my parents and I, in case that wasn’t incredibly obvious!).

The June training schedule had a 3 mile run on Saturday. I felt like I had every genuine excuse in the book to not do it, most especially that it would get in the way of spending time with my family. But I also felt like skipping a run in the first week of training would set the wrong tone for the whole project. My parents completely understood. It was just three miles, after all, and I could get it done at the gym really quickly on my way home from work. So I did, and I’m really glad. It took 31 minutes (I did most of it at 5.8 but then cranked up the speed to 6.5 for the last few minutes).

Sunday morning we got up bright and early for the Japan Run in Central Park, a 4 mile loop that covered most of the territory we usually do on our Thursday runs, but sort of in reverse – still counter-clockwise, but west side first, then east side. It was so hot and muggy! I was sweating before we even started. It was an okay race, but I never felt great. No groove. I wasn’t sure how I would do time-wise, but I ended up beating my all-time 4-miler record – by 3 seconds. But hey, it counts! My time was 38.01.

Superstar Chuck finished in under 30 minutes! He has magic sneakers.

With the 3 miles on Saturday and the 4 miles on Sunday my weekly total came in at 16.75. A little short of the 18 on the schedule, because I had that lousy run on Monday. But I really would have been off if I had skipped Saturday! So I’m very glad got those miles in.

After the race on Sunday, I went to work, then shopping with my mom, and then we all went to dinner. My parents left as soon as we got home, and I immediately fell asleep. At 7 pm. And I woke up at 7 am. Yup, that’s a solid 12 hours. I guess I really needed it!

I should be able to get in all the scheduled runs this week (4 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 5 Thursday, 4 Saturday, 7 Sunday). Now that I succeeded for the first week, I’m even more motivated for the second!


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