Rain, rain…where are you?

April 23, 2010 at 7:40 pm Leave a comment

Last night at 4:30, after consulting with Assistant Captain Chuck and weather.com, I decided to cancel run club. Thundershowers were predicted and I couldn’t risk any lightening strikes!

Of course, it never rained.

I felt terrible and I so wish we had gone out, but I think I made the smart choice, and there’s always next week.

In lieu of outdoor running, I headed to the gym. I wanted to do something “fun,” so I decided to mix it up with pilates. I needed to run too, though, since it had been more than a week and I didn’t want to forget how. So I tried to do two fast miles on the treadmill. I ended up with two moderate miles. Whatever. At least I ran.

Pilates was weird. It was only my second time, but I was really excited because my first experience was most excellent. My second was…less so.  Even though the instructor knew that most of the class were relative beginners (and there were only 5 of us), I thought she went a little fast and didn’t demonstrate enough. But boy, can I see how beneficial it will be for running. Core strength is so important, and that’s what pilates is all about. So it wasn’t a wasted hour at all.

This morning I Shredded again! Chuck’s trainer said it’s fine to do it as often as I like as long as my body isn’t too sore. The second time was better than the first, and I’m sure the third time will be better than the second. I’m going to try to do it every day.

I would like to do a long run this weekend but I’m not sure where it fits. We really need to get in a bike ride before the 5-boro next weekend, and I have to work both days. But I’m not planning on running next Monday-Wednesday at all because I’m doing a juice fast! So I’ll have to at least squeeze in a few treadmill miles at some point.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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